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Do you tune and play each call before it ships?
Yes, each call I play personally before it is shipped out to any customer. The strikers are matched with the pot call and all box calls are hand tuned.

How do you care for and condition crystal?
Crystal is relatively easy to care for. I recommend using a conditioning stone to maintain the surface. The stone can be used to break in a larger area or maintain the already conditioned area. The calling surface should be conditioned after heavy use or if any moisture or oil gets on the surface. Remember to condition the striker tips occasionally.

How do you take care of anodized aluminum?
My aluminum calls are made with an anodized calling surface. These should not be conditioned as it would remove the anodized finish. If hand oil or any grime happens to get on the surface, I recommend using an alcohol wipe to clean the surface. Allow the surface to dry completely before attempting to call again.

How do you care for strikers?
Strikers are moisture sensitive. Keep them in a dry location in your vest. Also after heavy use scotch bright can be used to lightly condition the calling tip. Avoid using sand paper as this can change the profile of the striker’s tip.

What if rain is in the forecast or extremely high humidity is a concern?
High humidity should not be a concern. However if conditions are wet a waterproof striker is always great to have. These strikers will work soaked so if rain is in the forecast, consider adding one to your vest.

Best call for a beginner?
Box calls are always great calls for beginners. Any wood combination is easy to use. The heavier lid makes producing realistic sounds very easy. As for pot calls, slate is always a great choice. My slate calls provide ease of use and very dynamic sounds, not typical of most slate calls.

One piece vs. 2 piece strikers?
This is really personal preference.  Two piece strikers are straight tipped and one piece are flared or mushroomed. The one piece strikers are available in a wider range of wood choices which is a great way to add various sounds to your spring line up.

How do I get on the mailing list for Limited Edition Call Information?
Email me or submit your information via the website form. My wife will add you to the contact list for the Limited Edition Calls

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