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Add a Custom Engraving

Add a custom touch to any order. Engraving should be purchase per call.

Quantity discounts available for larger orders. Engraved calls make great groomsmans gifts, fundraiser items, corporate awards and much more.

Custom logo engraving available, please contact us for more information.


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Metal Mouth II
New for 2018! The new Metal Mouth Crystal Features a concave aluminum sound board set in a ebony stained sycamore pot. The design of the metallic sound board makes for nasty yelps with effortless roll over. Paired with both a one piece turned striker and a two piece striker, the Metal Mouth Crystal allows for a full range of calls. This call is pure turkey.

Wait Time

Approximately 3 weeks



Zebrawood Laminate Slate

NEW! This new call features green slate from the state of Vermont set in a zebrawood, Purvian walnut, and poplar laminate pot. The combination results in an extremely lively slate call. Great for both soft calling and excited aggressive calling. 


Wait Time

Approximately 3 weeks



Twisted Sister
The Crystal Mistress has a sister, the Twisted Sister. This raspy yelping, sharp cutting call is definitely deserving of its name. The laminate pot combines the stability of thermal treated poplar with the tonal quality of yellow heart. When matched with the crystal striking surface over a slate soundboard, this call becomes a devastating tool in the turkey woods. Each call comes with a dymondwood striker and a purple heart striker.

Crystal Mistress
NWTF DD Adams Award Winner! This soft maple and cedar laminate pot is a temptation that old gobblers can not resist. With an engraved sound board, this call has a nasally front end and a raspy barking yelp. This call comes with two, two piece, strikers one dymondwood and one jatoba.

Double Glass
Now featured in a purple heart and cherry laminate pot. The double glass call is easy to run and has an incredibly henny sound. The realistic cuts, cackles, yelps, clucks and purrs are sure to entice that big old gobbler. 100 or 120 grit sand paper is recommended for the calling surface.

Slate Over Glass
The slate over glass call is an excellent call for closing the distance. Soft clucks, yelps and purrs can be reproduced with ease. And if the need for more aggressive calling arises, don't be afraid to hit'em with some loud yelps and sharp cutting. Each call comes with a striker.


Zebrawood Aluminum

NEW! Anodized aluminum set in a solid zebrawood pot, this call is great for those stubborn gobblers that need to hear something different before they close the distance. The anodized surface is very user friendly. 


This call has a sound best described as a hybrid between a slate call and an aluminum call, placed in a purple heart and cherry laminate pot. The ceramic surface reproduces shrill sassy yelps and cutts as well as ear piercing kee kees. Ceramic is extremely hard and does not require conditioning but can be surfaced with a conditioning stone if desired.

Sugartown Sweetness
Back by popular demand are these sweet sounding, deadly over n' under type calls. This year's call is a striking cherry and purple heart laminate. They feature a glass over slate combination. The dual surface allows for extreme versatility. The great clucks and purrs are produced by the bottom surface while the top glass can be used to generate loud aggressive calling. These calls are selling out quick so order yours today.
Exotic Wood Pot Calls
Many pot  calls are offered in exotic pots such as amboyna burl, macassar ebony and pink ivory. Your imagination is the limit. Exotic wood pot calls subject to wood availability. Call pictured is constructed from hand selected bocote.

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